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Britax Roundabout – How Do I love Thee?

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.

~ Hamlet


Valentine’s Day is here and I’ve been thinking a lot about my first true love.  Carseat love, of course.  For me, it’s the Britax Roundabout.  Sure, there have been others – but I guess it’s true what they say.  The first cut really is the deepest. 

Cheers and Jeers from the Chicago Auto Show

I attended a media preview of the Chicago Auto Show this week.  I had hoped to go for 3 days and to catalog a number of vehicles in regard to airbags, seatbelt arrangements and LATCH attachments.  Unfortunately, my baby sitting service (mom) went back home last week and I was only able to work in part of one day of the show.  Instead of my detailed survey, I kind of randomly wandered and took notice of whatever caught my eye…

The Kindle Review: The Gadget Gal’s Latest Toy

I admit it.  I had never heard of the Kindle until Oprah said it was one of her favorite things.  My friends know I’m an Oprah junkie: “Did you see what Oprah had on yesterday?”  “Did you hear what Oprah had to say about . . .”  “I really love those shows Oprah does on . . .”  Girlfriend and I have so much in common, I feel like we’re best friends and she’s talking right to me: she’s in her 50s and hey! I’m almost 40!  She’s black and I’m white (but that doesn’t matter-she likes Jen Aniston).  She has a private plane and I don’t.  Hmmm.  She’s worth millions upon millions and I’m . . . not.  But she has a Kindle and so do I!

Recaro Young Sport as a Booster (Part V – Combo Seat Review Series)

I’ve decided to document how various combination (harness/booster) seats fit my 4-year-old, 41 lb, 43″ tall son in booster mode.  He’s at the size where most parents would be switching from the 5-pt harness to the vehicle’s lap/shoulder belt in booster mode if they had a combination seat with a 40 lb limit on the harness.  In each case I’ll use the same seating position in my van – driver’s side captain’s chair in a 2005 Ford Freestar.     

The IIHS booster study compared the fit of various boosters using the 6-year-old Hybrid lll dummy who weighs 51.6 lbs (23.41 kg) and has a standing height of almost 45″.  I thought it would be even better to show belt fit on a child who was just over the 40 lb weight limit for the 5-pt harness.  I’ve decided to focus exclusively on combination seats because of their popularity.         

In previous blog entries we looked at a few combination seats made by Evenflo, Dorel (Cosco/Safety 1st/Eddie Bauer) and Graco.  This week we’ll be looking at the Recaro Young Sport.   

Sell Me an iPhone!

I’ve always been a bit of a phone-o-phobe.  Cell phones to me have always been for emergencies.  Great to have and once the kids started preschool, I started keeping my phone on during the day.  Big step!  Then a little over a year ago, my dh had to get a Blackberry for his job.  Oh my!  A smartphone!  He showed me all it could do-IMs, emails, basic internet.  I didn’t like the size of his, but the Blackberry Pearl was just my size.  I was in heaven.  It synced up with Outlook, a program I use heavily, I could retrieve my Gmails, and I could GoogleTalk with my friends.  My phone became my computer away from my computer.  I was in love, but I didn’t have to talk on the phone (yay!).  And it took pictures!