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Wanna Come to Dinner?

When did I become such a terrible cook?  My grandmother, unlike the stereotypical grandmother, was a terrible cook.  I must be channeling her spirit.  She made some doozies-some meals were simply inedible.  I’m surprised I had a weight problem when I was younger.  Some dinners simply had catchy names-“Eatmore”, which really meant “Eatless”.  I even took a picture one day of a leftover of something she made that I just couldn’t bring myself to eat.  She was a good sport about it and put up with the jokes.

Graco ComfortSport Recall

Have you heard the latest news?  Graco has to recall 43,994 “Frazier” ComfortSport convertible carseats because of an insert cushion “that partially obscures the child airbag warning label”.  I’m working on saying that without laughing but so far I haven’t been successful.  Honestly, it’s really not funny – it’s ridiculous.  If you’ve read my previous blog post “Recalls – the good, the bad and the ridiculous” you know how I feel about the subject. 

In this case, the recall “fix” is to stop using the extra pillow insert that came with the seat.  I wonder how much money this recall campaign is going to cost Graco?  On the one hand it seems unfair that they have to recall all these seats just because the airbag warning label is partially obscured by the insert.  I mean really, if some moron is going to put a RF convertible in the front seat with an active airbag – a little thing like a visable airbag warning label isn’t going to stop them.  

On the other hand, Graco should really know better.  It’s not like they’re new to this whole FMVSS213 thing.  Plus, I can’t help but to point out that if they had replaced the ancient ComfortSport (which is now almost 10 years old and wasn’t even their own design to begin with) with a new, improved convertible seat years ago then they probably wouldn’t have this problem now.  Instead, they resorted to marketing tactics like cutesy covers, pillows and padding up the wazoo to entice consumers to buy their outdated product.      

With all that said, I think there’s actually a bigger issue here.  If, as a CPS professional, my job is to take these ridiculous recalls seriously – what exactly are my obligations when a parent shows up with the exact same seat, with the exact same pillow covering the AB warning label but it’s not a “Frazier” cover so it’s not  recalled?   If NHTSA is going to be serious about this kind of stuff then they can’t stop at Frazier.  Not when Alesia, Westcliff, Felicia, Wheaton and Eva ComfortSports all have the same insert.  That would really be ridiculous.

Marvin’s Giveaway Corner 2: Sponsored by Thermos and Hydrationforall.com

If there is one thing Marvin knows, it’s water.  So, Marvin is happy to have a new giveaway partner that is also sponsoring a great charitable cause!  Today’s giveaway is the Thermos Intak Beverage Bottle in a random color.  Marvin has seen his person trying one out today and suspects many of his readers should be drinking more water, too!

Unacceptable – CRs that are hard to use

Is seems that lately most child restraint manufacturers have finally come around to the idea that new CRs should be relatively easy to install and easy to use properly.  I don’t know what finally prompted them to see the light but I appreciate it.  However, sometimes it seems like we take a step forward and then 2 steps back.  The new Dorel “Safety 1st Designer/Eddie Bauer Deluxe” infant seat with front harness adjuster is a perfect example. 

Need a Holiday Gift Idea for Your SO? (Or a hint for yours!)

We splurged a bit on DW’s birthday present this fall.  I usually come up with something creative, but this year I had nothin’.  So, I opted for an old fallback I hadn’t used in maybe 10 years.  Jewelry.  With some subtle guidance from me, DD picked out a trendy pearl Yvel necklace.  It was a bit more than I intended to spend, but it was *perfect* for her .  Plus, DD would be very pleased to say she selected it.  Problem is, how could I possibly top that?