Monthly Archive:: October 2008

Flu Vaccine- Will your kids get one?

Two of my kids were sick this week.  During a trip to the doctor, they got their annual flu shot.  It’s apparently now recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for all kids 6 months to 18 years old.  Mine opted for the Flumist again this year.  That was all they could get a couple years ago during the big flu scare when there was a shortage of vaccine and now they prefer not having a shot.

Silent but Deadly

It happens.  For some, indeed more often than others.  It doesn’t discriminate: it can happen to the best of us, it can happen to those who just don’t care.  No, sillies! :P I’m not talking about that, lol!

A little recognition and gratitude for all the “Shining Stars” out there.

Have you ever busted your butt putting together an awesome CPS presentation at a moment’s notice  just because some group asked you to come speak and you knew it might be your only chance?  Have you ever driven more than an hour away to help out at a check event or to help some random person who was really desperate?  Have you ever loaned out or given away one of your own personal seats to someone whose child needed it more than yours did?  Have you ever spent countless hours helping strangers online so that their kids can be as safe as yours?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then congratulations!  You are a “Shining Star” and this award recognizes all your dedication, passion and hard work!

Ask Marvin #6: Reputation Part 1

Dear Marvin.  I’m addicted.  No, wait, it’s more like obsessed.  Okay, okay, I’ve gone completely mental about my reputation points at Car-Seat.Org.  I know it’s supposed to be a fun thing, but I want more.  I NEED more.  OMG I will go postal if even one point is taken away! I need help.  I’ll do anything to get my fix.  How can I get some more?  Will you click me please? PLEASE?

Signed, Crack-Seat.Org Carlie

Fun Fun FUNtainers!

We’ve had a problem for the longest time with beverage containers.  My dd doesn’t drink juice (yay for her!), so the only drink I’ve been able to send with her to school in her lunches is water.  Well, those pull-top lids were impossible for a pre-K/Kindy kid to open so we resorted to a twist top water bottle that we washed and reused.  The only problem was that it leaked.  And bad.  Every month or so the leaking would get so bad that we’d replace the bottle and start over.  It just never occurred to me to look for a permanent “Thermos”, as we used to call them in the good ol’ days, because I figured a) she’d lose it and b) she wouldn’t be able to open it on her own.  I’ve heard about the FUNtainers, but never paid attention to the threads on car-seat.org about them because I figured they were more like sippy cups for the younger crowd.  Then I went to the Thermos area at the ABC Kids Show and actually saw a FUNtainer and practically begged for 2 samples: one for my dd and one for my ds.