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CarseatBlog Recommended Carseats List: Are You Kidding Me?!

Many certified child passenger safety technicians have had it ingrained upon them that they are supposed to act completely neutral toward child restraints.  All child seats pass the same tests, they are all safe, blah, blah, blah.  In their class to become certified, most techs were told never to tell a parent that one child seat or brand is better than any other.  Instead, technicians are instructed to tell parents only that the best one is the one that fits their child, their vehicle and is easiest for them to use correctly.  Nothing wrong with that.

GoGo Babyz Infant Cruizer Review

Today’s Guest Reviewer is Lisa Pisha, a freelance writer and mom.  She also happens to have a beautiful baby and a Graco Snugride, both needed to test and review the Cruizer!  I thought the Cruizer was a handy alternative to a full size stroller, for parents who frequently travel by airplane and/or taxi.  I wrote a brief blog about it last month, after the ABC Kids Expo.  Thank you again to GoGo Babyz for their cooperation!  Be sure to check out their website for a variety of stroller related solutions, including their popular Travelmate system.


OT: Coaches Gone Wild

If your kids play competitive sports of any kind – chances are, sooner or later you’ll see it.  I’m talking about coaches who are out of control.  Grown men (although to be fair I’m sure there are some women too)  who act like total jerks at the games.  They scream at their team, argue with umps/refs, yell at the other team’s coaches and throw temper-tantrums in front of everyone.  This type of behavior never ceases to amaze or disgust me and I don’t understand why it’s so often tolerated by our society. 

Recently, my oldest son’s travel baseball team played another team that is coached by one of these dispicible characters. 

Ask Marvin, #8

Today, Marvin gets an earful on how to write a better, briefer blog.

“Dear Marv, no offense, I like your blog and its sorta funny sometimes and all, but I don’t have time to read a whole dang novel ranting about people on some forum I don’t even visit. Plus, your replies in bold make my eyes bug out of my head. What gives? – Your Best Bud, Bold Belinda.”

The Worst Carseats of 2008

I always chuckle whenever I see a thread (or hear people talking) about which carseats they “hate”.  I find it amusing to read (or hear) which seats techs and advocates dislike and why.   Okay, so maybe a seat is easily outgrown by height or only has a 30 lb rear-facing weight limit.  Or maybe it has straps that tend to be a little twisty or are difficult to adjust.  But hate?  That’s a pretty strong word.  I know I’m probably old-school but I don’t “hate” most of the seats that a lot of other people seem to feel so strongly about.