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Halloween treats and a little something extra too

Halloween is a great holiday for kids and I know many adults who still enjoy it as much as the kids do.  But Halloween is also to great opportunity to reach the children and their parents in your neighborhood.  Along with that treat, consider  handing out a little something extra too.  There is a lot of emphasis on “Halloween Safety” so put a little CPS spin on it!  Here are a few ideas for possible handouts:

SafeGuard Go Review: Hybrid Booster (Mark II)

This is a small update to my review of the original SafeGuard Go Anywhere Portable Child Restraint, now called the Safety 1st Hybrid Booster (the Safety 1st version has a few minor changes from the version in this review).  Since that review, IMMI/SafeGuard has made some improvements.  These include expanded weight ranges, improvements to the headrest pillow and a modified buckle system.  There is also some additional guidance on installing the Go in a captain’s chair or other vehicle seat with a recline feature.

Review Introduction

The SafeGuard Go Hybrid Booster is a portable child restraint system.  It combines the advantages of a 5-point harness with the portability of a booster. In some sense, it really is more similar to a travel harness system that converts into a backless booster. Using the harness front-facing, it is for children over 1 year, weight from 22 to 60 pounds and 31 to 52 inches tall. As a booster, it is rated for children over 3 years old, 40 to 100 pounds and 43 to 57 inches tall. To make it portable and light, the “Go” has no hard seatback shell. For that reason, the vehicle seat back or headrests must provide adequate head restraint for the child.  More information can be found at the SafeGuard website.

You’ve Been Boo’d

This has become a Halloween tradition in my neighborhood and the kids have so much fun with it each year!  My oldest has been Boo’ing his friends for about 5 years but this was the first year that my youngest, who’s 4 now, was able to join in the Boo’ing festivities.  He had a blast but his giggling almost got us busted last night. 

If you’re not already familiar with the game, let me explain how it works and what you need to get started.

Ask Marvin: Number Nine

Today, Marvin answers another genuine email he received from a real live emailer!

“Heya Marv, how’s it goin’? As a concerned Father, I want to make sure that my child is safe, so I was surprised when this nosey lady in the car seat aisle told me that I can’t use both LATCH and a seatbelt the same time to secure my DS’s car seat. I mean, two are always better than one right? What if the seatbelt were to fail? I saw that sad Kyle Miller video. If the seatbelt were to fail, I’d have the LATCH to back it up, and vice versa. Redundancy and having a back up plan has always been the best way to go. Right? So what’s the big deal? Why can’t I use both LATCH and a seatbelt at the same time to install my DS’s seat?