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Oh! The Excitement of the Evening!

As I was tucking dh into bed this evening (OK, everyone, on 3–1, 2, 3: how cute!), we heard a tremendous crash.  We live somewhat near 2 intersections, one of which has vehicles flying down a hill trying to make a light.  At night, sound can carry, so we thought maybe there was a crash there.  I went to one of our back windows to look out at our main neighborhood entry intersection to see if I could see anything there, because after all, who isn’t a looky-loo?  Nope, all’s quiet there and I can’t see the lighted intersection from our house.  I do see a small car driving off, but it’s driving normal speed and using it’s turn signals (rare).  So I wonder to dh if someone ran into a pile of landscaping rocks left in the street in front of our neighbor’s house; they had about 5 tons dropped yesterday and had moved most of it onto their property today, but a smallish 2.5 foot tall pile was still left.  It’s quite visible and lit by a street lamp.

Another Swell Giveaway!

Our last foray into the brave new world of video didn’t work too well when drew names out of a hat for our Cowmoo Marathon giveaway over the holidays. We’re trying again, but this time with embedded YouTube, so hopefully most of our readers will be able to see it!  Suffice to say that the winner of the last contest could probably give you a pretty idea of the prize(s), even if you can’t see the video!


To enter for this fabulous prize, simply reply here with a comment!  Only one entry per person, please.  If you comment more than once, only your first comment will count!

The “Other” Conference is the Only One About Child Passenger Safety

Kidz In Motion

Kidz In Motion

Lifesavers may be the biggest highway safety conference, but it’s no longer the only game around.  This year marks the 5th anniversary of the KIM (Kidz in Motion) conference.  It may not be as widely recognized as Lifesavers, but it should be.  While it is a smaller conference, that’s only because it is dedicated specifically to child passenger safety.  Lifesavers has significant attendance for other areas of traffic safety.  That’s a bonus if you want exposure to this information, especially if you are a member of the law enforcement community.

On the other hand, Kidz In Motion has the same quality and quantity of content related specifically to child passenger safety.  Well, I think it’s still devoted to child passenger safety.  Sadly, Lifesavers switched from CPS to OPC (Occupant Protection for Children) a few years back.  I’m still not sure why.  Maybe someone just decided we needed another three letter acronym, even though it is no more descriptive than the perfectly good one we had been using for years.

So, Kudos to KIM for calling itself the National Child Passenger Safety Conference.  It clearly would not be worthy of this blog had they called it the National Occupant Protection for Children Conference.  Just doesn’t have the same ring to it, am I right?

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