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Blogiversary: Stats and Another Top List


CarseatBlog currently averages over 1600 page views a day from 700 unique visitors a day.  Our peak day was Monday, June 29th, with well over 2000 views.  Our weekly and monthly stats have been growing steadily.  Our busiest week was last week, as it is almost every week.  Our monthly traffic was about 21,000 page views from 5300 visitors last December.  It has more than doubled in 6 months, up to over 50,000 page views from 14,250 unique visitors in June, according to the awstats utility provided by our internet service provider.  July looks to be even busier!

Mondays are our busiest day, followed pretty closely by Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday.  Saturday is our slowest day of the week and Sunday isn’t much busier.  Our busiest time of day is around lunch, followed by another spike after dinner.

Google is by far the biggest search engine referrer to our blog, significantly more than all others combined.  Yahoo is a distant second, about the same as Mircosoft (Live/Bing), followed by AOL and Ask.  Here’s a top 25 list of search engine terms that have brought visitors to the blog over the last year, mostly from Google:

Blogiversary: Top 20 List


As a followup to Kecia’s Blogiversary, I thought I’d post some “Top” lists.  Today, the top twenty (out of almost 270 blog entries) list of the most viewed blogs and pages at CarseatBlog.com over the last year, according to our blog stats counter.

So, I guess it’s no surprise that our reviews and ABC Kids Expo posts were the most viewed, though possibly not the most loved!

Another One Bites the Dust


Last year around this time, I sent my Cosco Triad to the Great Carseat Graveyard.  Today, it’s a Britax Wizard.  It was one of the first ones made and it recently expired.  Before the truck arrived, I cut it up and made it virtually unusable.  It’s always sad to retire old carseats.  This one, in fact, received one of my early reviews.  Though it could use some formatting, it sounds pretty much identical to my current reviews!  I did save the cover and recently sold it.   I guess they are somewhat valuable since replacements are no longer made.

I’m Reduced to Shameless Begging


In that the money is going toward a great cause, I don’t mind begging.  Though I’m very happy that a few people have bid on it, I must say I’m a little discouraged by the overall response.  So, I’m going to do what I can to jump start the bidding, since it ends next week.

First, I’ll beg.  Oh please, oh please, oh please!  It’s a great cause and like all charities, they really need support right now.

Second, I’ll plead.  100% of the proceeds go to charity.  In fact, you can donate the widding bid amount directly to SafetyBeltSafe USA and your donation may be tax deductible, since they are a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Plus, you get a unique memento to treasure and hand down to your children or grand children!

Third, I’ll match.  In addition to what I normally give to SafetyBeltSafe USA, I will match the winning bid amount with an additional donation of my own, up to $100.  Other communities based on a common cause routinely raise huge amounts for their charity auctions and drives.  I don’t think $100 is too much to ask!


Even if the bid amount is more than you would like to donate, please consider donating a smaller amount directly to SafetyBeltSafe USA and tell them CarseatBlog sent you!