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Of all the things I’ve lost….


I miss my mind the most.

Am I the only scatterbrained imbecile who leaves things in vehicles when checking seats?  Seriously, sometimes I wonder about my brain capacity.  Why is it that I can memorize nitty-gritty, minute technical details relating to all facets of child passenger safety but I can’t remember where I put my camera?  Or my sunglasses?  Or my LATCH Manual?

Just this past weekend I had my camera at a check event and it was [seemingly] there one moment and gone the next.  I thought maybe I put it down on the table and someone walked off with it.  However, after a few phone calls that evening to parents whose vehicles I had been in – we found it.  Duh!      

In the past I’ve managed to leave my sunglasses behind twice, my LATCH Manual at least twice and once I even left my entire purse in someone’s backseat!  Luckily they hadn’t gone too far by the time I realized my mistake and called them on their cell to come back.  Even the other times, I’ve always been able to retrieve the misplaced items but sheesh!  Enough already!  What’s wrong with me?

For the record, I’ve always been like this – even as a child.  I was the kid who lost her lunchbox practically every week.  Gloves, hats and umbrellas never stood a chance around me and after a while my mom just gave up on replacing those items.  Even a single shoe would frequently disappear in my house and I’d spend 30 minutes or more trying to locate one shoe when the other one was right by the door where it should be.

So, am I the only one in this boat?  More importantly, is there any hope for me?

The Sun, It Burns Us.


Normally, I blog away in my dungeon office lair, pale skin, oblivious to all things living other than my pet fish, pet cat, a random child who comes in to play on the kids’ computer and perhaps a stray spider or centipede.  I mean really, I have a comfy chair, climate control, music and a number of computers.  Besides maybe the lack of a mini fridge or bathroom, why would I want to leave?

Tonight, I was lured out of my crypt with the promise of ice cream at our neighborhood pool.  I was a bit concerned that I might spontaneously combust when the first ray of sunlight touched my skin.  There was also some worry about melting if splashed with water.  So far, I appear to be suffering no ill effects, other than some odd stares.  I’m not sure if that’s because I have on a t-shirt and shorts instead of a swimsuit, because I’m the only geek at the pool with a laptop computer or just because I’m funny looking in general.  I mean, even the moms who are clearly not here to swim and instead idly chat on their cellphones are looking down upon me with superior looks.  As if.

Anyway, it’s time to wrap this up.  The whistles just sounded for a safety break and adult swim.  No, I’m not going near the water.  On the other hand, with the kids out of the water, that means my wife will be giving us money to go buy some ice cream treats!  mmmmm.

CarseatBlog’s First Charity Auction!


A few months ago, we praised SafetyBeltSafe USA and their tech special membership package.  For those who aren’t yet aware of it, the 2009 Child Restraint Manufacturers’ Instructions with Summary Sheets with the April Revision is now available on CD.  The summaries are the result of a ton of hard work.  “Summaries for each seat include revised recommendations from manufacturers, minimum and maximum weights, first and last dates made, harness threading and belt path diagrams, and identification photos.”  This information is invaluable to review before an appointment or just to brush up on newer models.

In fact, along with Monika Toney, our very own Heather Watson was responsible for much of the effort involved in creating the summaries!  Thank you Heather and Monika and everyone who helped SafetyBeltSafe USA put this together!

To celebrate their hard work, CarseatBlog is going to auction the very first CD taken out of the shipping box by SafetyBeltSafe USA’s Executive Director, Stephanie Tombrello. But that really wasn’t enough to make it auction-worthy.  So, I went one step farther and had it autographed by Heather, Monika, Stephanie and the crew who contributed to this great effort!

Single copies start at $10 each including shipping, if you order from SafetyBeltSafe USA.  So, our auction will also start at $10.  If you would like to bid, simply reply with your bid, in even increments of $1.00 or more.  The auction will run a minimum of 2 weeks from today.  The highest bidder will be expected to pay with Paypal or a money order from the United States Postal Service or a major USA bank.  No cash or personal checks, please.  You may also arrange to make a donation for the winning bid amount directly to SafetyBeltSafe USA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  This may allow you to obtain a tax deduction as well.  The CD will be shipped once payment has cleared.  If the winning bidder does not complete payment within 5 business days of the close of the auction, the option will be given to the next highest bidder and so on.  100% of proceeds will go to SafetyBeltSafe USA.  Shipping costs will be covered by CarseatBlog.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire this unique treasure that is sure to appreciate in value for many years to come!  This autographed disc is absolutely unique and would also make a fine piece of wall or desk decor, once you’ve loaded the summaries onto your computer!  Or, use it as a coaster at your after-event parties to impress your CPS friends!

Added 7/11/09: Here’s a link to a sample summary in case you’ve never seen one before: sk-radianxt-09sample1

Where on Earth is Paw Paw, Michigan?


If you’re a computer geek, you stay up late running raids in an online game, hanging out in chat rooms or seeking out the latest reviews on the hot gadgets.  What about carseat geeks?  Well, okay, we hang out in carseat chat rooms and read all the reviews on kids gear, too.  We also drive hours to meet up at nice restaurants where we discuss the merits of the latest products.

Yesterday, we had just such a mini-conference.  A half dozen moderators and long time members at the Car-Seat.Org forums got together in Paw Paw, Michigan.  While I’m sure the area golfing was great, as the Golf Michigan commercials claim, we chose Paw Paw for another reason.  It’s more or less midway between the western suburbs of Detroit and Chicago.  Oh, and there was a Play Place!

Despite temperatures in the high 90s in the asphalt parking lot plus sweltering humidity, we managed to oogle some recently released products and try a few in vehicles, too.  My wife will be most pleased that I returned with a few less carseats than I brought!  I bet the next get together is near Vegas.