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Doing the Right Thing

The way people react to a situation varies as widely as the people themselves. I’m a “helper”. I’ve always been a helper. I like to help. I can’t help myself.  ;)    

Case in point, I was coming home from a check event last week and I missed being in a 4-car pileup by about 10 vehicles. My first thought was “thank goodness I didn’t leave 20 seconds earlier”! My second thought was to hope that no one was seriously hurt.  

I could see the smoke from the crash (some of it was probably from the deployed ABs) as I came to a dead stop in traffic. It’s a single lane road and no one was going anywhere so I put my van in park, told DS2 to sit tight that I was going to check on the people, and went to the scene.

Slow Day Giveaway

We have some better giveaways coming up in the next few weeks.  Today’s is pretty lame, I know.  It’s a 3-month Benefactor subscription at www.Car-Seat.Org.  If you already have a subscription, yours will be extended for 3 months.

To enter, please reply with a comment.  One winner will be picked at random on Tuesday.  The email address used in your comment must match the email address in your account at the Car-Seat.Org forums.  Good luck!

Baby It’s HOT Outside!

Summer’s coming up and while it may not be hot yet where you are, it’s definitely hot where I live.  I’m a desert rat, grew up in a desert city, and heat is what I know and love (trust me, if you throw a snowball at me, I’m liable to hurl a cactus at you ;) ).

It’s hot outside and even hotter in the car.  The kids are crying in the back seat, they’re all sweaty and red and mom is panicking, thinking they’re going to get heatstroke.  They could, I suppose.  Kids’ bodies don’t have temperature controls like adults do; they can’t dissipate heat effectively and overheat quickly.  Heat exhaustion strikes first: skin is pale and sweating is profuse, child may complain of nausea, headache, and dizziness, there are muscle cramps.  It’s very uncomfortable; I’ve had it a few times.  Heat stroke comes after heat exhaustion and is the most severe form of heat sickness-it’s LIFE THREATENING.  Symptoms include flushed and DRY skin-sweating has stopped, altered mental status, core temperature of 105˚ or higher.

Carseat Quandry: Part II

In Part I, I discussed some issues regarding universal child seat fitment and cooperation among automobile and child restraint manufacturers.  The example happened to be about some new Volvo-branded child restraints that will be available in some countries later this year.  It’s not clear if these child restraints are actually all that new or unique, let alone safer or easier to use than similar models already on the market.  On the other hand, if Volvo has developed a new and improved fitment system unique to Volvo automobiles, that would be impressive, especially given that there was cooperation with a child restraint manufacturer.

This is the Quandry.  Why don’t these companies work more closely together to make a system that is very easy to use and very difficult to misuse?  Why don’t we have child restraints in the USA that simply “plug-in” and work?  Wouldn’t it be great if we had child seats that could be installed tightly, without needing a 300 pound fireman to push it into the vehicle seat cushion so far that permanent gouges are left in the fabric?  Wouldn’t it be great if the average parent could get a rock-solid installation of a 5-point harness child seat in just a few seconds, using only one hand and little effort?  I give you the answer in video format:


So our new Quandry is this.  We clearly have the technology.  So, why do we still have so many kids improperly restrained and being seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle crashes? 

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