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What would YOU do?

You have a 4 year old who weighs 50 pounds.  Maybe they are a bit too squirmy to sit correctly in a booster.  Maybe you’d rather keep them in a 5-point harness, because your model has side impact protection and an extended weight limit of 50, 65 or even 80 pounds.  The problem is that your auto manufacturer tells you that you can’t use LATCH beyond 40 pounds!

Do You Woot?

Do you Woot?  I turned my dh onto Woot some time ago after my friend Julie (joolsplus3) mentioned what a great site it was.  You can buy all kinds of neat things there.  What makes Woot such a different place?  Because really, Woot isn’t just a web site.  It’s a way of being.

Mandatory Safety Seat Training for Parents?

A Nevada Assemblyman, John Carpenter, R-Elko, has said he will propose a bill in the 2009 legislative session requiring mandatory “training in the correct installation of child restraint seats” for parents.  Unfortunately, because of legislative rules, that’s all we get behind the intention of the bill and according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Mr. Carpenter isn’t commenting on it.  So I guess the big question is: Should we mandate that parents receive training in installation of car seats?

Sure, we all know that according to Safe Kids USA, the national misuse rate is around 85%.  Your local percentages may be higher or lower, depending on your outreach programs.  Despite our efforts here, our misuse rate is close to 99% for those that attend checkup events.  We also know why those misuse rates are so high: a combination of cryptic manufacturer instructions and vehicle seat belt or LATCH complications.  You do have to admit there are some car seat manufacturer instructions that are very well written.

Would mandating a class help though? 

A sad day

It’s nothing like the Cosco Touriva becoming the Scenera or the Safety 1st Uptown becoming the Avenue or even the Britax Freeway evolving into the Expressway.

It’s the demise of my favorite childhood treat.  Orange, lime or sometimes even grape.  When I was older, there seemed to be dozens of flavors and you could even get it as a ”Freeze” with ice cream blended into it.  Not for my kids, the Mister Misty at Dairy Queen is no more.

Home, Sweet Boulevard…

After the TripFinally home after almost a week of vacation with Mom and 3-year old DS!  Our Odyssey transported us safely and with surprisingly good fuel economy, too.  My previous best tank fuel economy was 28.7 mpg through Iowa and Illinois on the way back from Yellowstone last year.  My previous best miles per tank was 501.1 miles the previous day on that same trip last year, from near Cheyenne to the Omaha area.  Today, those records were shattered.