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Mia Moda Viva Supreme Infant Seat Giveaway!


You can read our full review of the Mia Moda Viva Supreme 5080.  Today, Mia Moda is sponsoring a giveaway of a Viva Supreme to one of our readers!  You will have your choice of the Kaleidoscope or Willow pattern below, shipped right to you from the great people at Mia Moda!

All you have to do to win is leave a comment!  You are not eligible if you have previously won a carseat or sponsor giveaway at CarseatBlog.com (our own giveaways of bags and such don’t count if no sponsor was mentioned).  Blog writers and editors are also not eligible.  Only one entry per household/family, please.  If you leave more than one comment, only the first one will count.  We politely ask that you only enter if you intend to use this infant seat and would also appreciate the favor of a followup comment about the Viva Supreme in reply to our review.  Eligibility outside of the USA will depend on where Mia Moda is able to ship this product.  A random winner will be chosen on Friday from eligible comments left in reply to this blog. 

We reserve the right to deem any entry as ineligible for any reason, though this would normally only be done in the case of a violation of the spirit of the rules above.  We also reserve the right to edit/update the rules if necessary.  Good luck!

Collateral Damage


A dark wintry night.  A crash.  Properly installed seats.  The passengers in the vehicle?  Mom and two children.  The youngest child admitted to the hospital for overnight observation is roughed up, but otherwise OK.  Mom, the driver, was checked out at the hospital and released to spend the night with her daughter as she slept in her hospital bed.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get any sleep herself as she was frantic with worry about her other daughter who was life-flighted to a different hospital out-of-state, a place better able to handle her traumatic injuries.

Where Do You Put Your GPS?


If you’re a regular reader here, you know that I gave dh a Garmin Nuvi GPS navigator for Christmas.  To be honest, we really haven’t used it that much because really, we mostly know our way around our hometown of about 14 years.  What made me think of this in the big scope of things was an episode of Pitchmen (http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/pitchmen/pitchmen.html) on the Discovery Channel.  Anthony Sullivan was trying to sell a man’s GPS holder that sat in a vehicle’s cupholder.  More on that later.

Size Matters


This will come as no surprise to most of our readers.  Length isn’t everything; it’s the width that tends to be be an issue.  Take, for example, these two towering titans:

The one on the left measures an astounding 20 inches at its widest point, while the one on the right is even wider at 21 inches!  Every situation is different, of course, so depending where they are placed, being so wide may or may not be a problem.  Also, parts of them are narrower, so they may mesh differently with adjacent models.  The Graco My Ride 65 (left) and Britax Advocate CS (right) are competitive in many regards and also share a distinction of being among the widest convertible seats on the market.