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Can’t find what you’re looking for at other stores?   Perhaps that carseat or stroller is an exclusive Babies R Us or Toys R Us item, like the new Safety 1st Complete Air?  No Problem!  We’re happy to announce that CarseatBlog is now a BRU / TRU affiliate.  Try our links below!

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Big Britax Bargain Blowout Bonanza

It’s no secret that we like Britax and we like deals on Britax seats even more.  A number of their models are included on our favorites lists and our Recommended Car Seats List.  We’ve also reviewed the Frontier and the Boulevard CS.  Starting tomorrow, February 1st, Britax is holding another sales event!  If you’re in the market for a Britax seat, please check out the deals at our affiliate store Amazon.Com and at our sponsor, Kids-N-Kribs.Com.  This sale ends February 15th, so don’t wait too long!  Models will be marked down up to a 20% discount off normal prices!  I’m told the Britax Marathon will be under $230, the Boulevard under $260, the Boulevard CS under $280 and the Regent under $210!

SafeGuard GO: On Sale!

We’ve just learned of a nice offer on a child restraint we like, the SafeGuard Go Hybrid Booster, featured previously in a review at CarseatBlog.

Our friends at EliteCarSeats.Com are having a special offer on the Go.  It’s already on sale for $50 off its normal price there.  Plus, you can use the promotion coupon code “gobabygo” to get an extra 10% off the Go at checkout!  If you’re looking for a great travel option (I still use mine for day-to-day use!), please visit their product information page about the SafeGuard Go.  There is currently a free shipping offer, too, while supplies last!

EliteCarSeats is a proud sponsor of our Car-Seat.Org forums and we hope to partner with them for some giveaways this year, too.  Please check out their website if you are shopping for baby gear!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: Thermos Intak and Foogo Review

A while back, Heather wrote about Thermos Funtainers.  Today I have a few quick comments about the Thermos Intak Water Bottles and the Thermos Foogo Sippy Cup.

Not much you can say about water bottles.  They hold water.  The Intak does that well, and in fun colors, too.  The Intak also has a nice, wide spout that not only is easy for drinking, but big enough to fill under a faucet.  The locking top is resistant to 3-year olds.  It goes into a dishwasher with no problems.  It has a rotating bezel if you want to keep track of how many refills you drink.  When closed, it doesn’t spill.  It has a flip up loop for carrying or to attach to a pack.  It’s also narrow enough to fit into most mesh backpack pockets.  Not much else to say- it’s a nice water bottle you can get at Target for under $10.  Just keep in mind that it’s not insulated, so it won’t keep beverages hot or cold.

The Foogo is a sippy cup.  It keeps milk and juice cold, so it never goes to waste.  It cleans up in the dishwasher, also.  Again, simple and well made.  Ideal for cold drinks, but not recommended for hot ones.  No issues with dripping as we have with some of our other sippys.  The top screws firmly into place every time.  Seems to be very durable, too.  I even let my son take this one around the house, even if it has milk or juice in it!

They are BPA free and I highly recommend them both!  For more information, please visit www.thermos.com .

Too Good To Be True?

A Britax Marathon in Granite for $42.99 and Free Shipping?!

A Britax Marathon in Cowmoo for $59.99 plus $18.09 Shipping???

 Both From Target through Amazon.Com! 

(You might have to click on “More Buying Choices” to see the offer from Target.Com).

Might be a bargain, might be a mistake.  They make great gifts, and if you buy by clicking our links, it’s a nice gift to Carseatblog.com, too!  Better hurry, I’m guessing supplies won’t last if it’s a real deal and if not, the mistake will be corrected quickly!