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More Great BLACK FRIDAY Carseat Deals!

**Check out the updated post for 2014**

Get Your 2014 Amazon Early Black Friday Carseat Deals Here!



We have reviews of all the carseats and boosters listed below. Please click on the “CarseatBlog Reviews” link at the top of the home page to see links to all of our reviews.

If the link below doesn’t take you to the exact pattern mentioned – click on the other fabric options listed.

Evenflo Sym65 - Porter
Convertible Seats:

First Years True Fit SI C680 in “Pop of Teal” or “Pop of Pink” for $170.00

Graco MyRide 65 in “Rane”, “Asbury” or “Sonata” for $97.99

Evenflo Symphony 65 DLX Convertible in “Porter” for $189.99


Graco NautilusForward-facing Combination Seats:

Graco Nautilus in “Matrix” for $139

Safety 1st Go Hybrid in “Clarksville” for $143.99 



Graco Affix - AtomicGraco Affix Booster in “Atomic” for $55.99

Britax Parkway SG (original non-LATCH model) in Onyx for $71.99

Recaro Performance Booster in all “Marine” or “Sapphire” for $93.27


Happy Shopping! :)

*BLACK FRIDAY* Deal Alert on Amazon! Britax Frontier 85 in Rushmore: $198.99


When I put it in my cart – it automatically gave me free shipping!  Awesome deal on a very nice combination seat! 

Frontier 85 Review Here

Babies R Us Sale

I’m loathe to post another Babies R Us sale, since the last one I advertised was cancelled for no apparent reason.  Still, they do carry some exclusive car seats like the Graco Nautilus Elite and Graco Snugride 30.  It’s also one place you can find the Harmony Secure Comfort Deluxe booster.  Anyway, stop by BabiesRUs.com online for pre-Black Friday deals and a 10% off sale including free shipping with a minimum purchase:

Free Shipping on Everything with purchase of $100 or more (up to a $20 value, accessories, video game hardware & software are excluded) at Babiesrus.com. Offer good 10.13.10 to 12.05.10

One Day Cyber Sale! Jumpstart your Holiday shopping! Save 10% off thousands of items on Babiesrus.com. Online Only. Offer good 11.22.10.

One Day Cyber Sale! Save 10% on a great selection of car seats at Babiesrus.com. Offer valid on 11.22.10 only.

We will try to post any other big sales or Black Friday promotions from our affiliate stores next week.  Also, stay tuned Monday for a photo review followup of the Britax Parkway SGL coverage that we did at the ABC Kids Expo a few weeks back!

If it aint broke, ask for a partial refund!

I’ve been a semi-active ebay member for over 11 years now, maintaining a 100% feedback record with little effort, just by being fair.  I’ve had a few minor issues, but all were eventually resolved.  One time I bought a coin that wasn’t what was shown.  The seller said it was the only one of its kind in his inventory so there was no other possibility.  It was a stalemate until the last few days that I could leave feedback.  I sent a message asking if the other coin had been found.  By some miracle, it appeared in the back of a drawer!  He let me keep the first coin, though it wasn’t worth anything over the 50 cents of the coin itself.  One other time I got an item that wasn’t as described.  The seller didn’t reply to a number of ebay messages or emails over a couple weeks.  Finally, I left him a “neutral”.  Within hours, they sent me an angry email.  Funny how stuff like that works.  Some time later, I noted that the member’s ebay account had been closed.  Go figure.

Well, here’s a new one for you.  I bought a computer game at retail and never had a chance to open it during the return period.  I just haven’t had time or interest for games lately.  It was new in a sealed box, so I put it up for sale on ebay.  It sold, for somewhat less than the retail amount I paid.  It was a limited edition that hadn’t been available at retail for some time and mine sold for one of the lowest recent prices on ebay.  I offered USPS Priority flat rate and UPS shipping.  The buyer opted for the cheaper one, of course, even though the auction clearly said USPS was, “at your own risk”.  I also stated “no returns” in the auction rules.  I shipped it next day and it arrived a couple days later.

The buyer claimed the outer product box was damaged (but not the contents).  He said that as a collector, “this detracts from the value of the item imo.”  He also said it was, “very imporperly packed.”  I politely replied that the item was packed exactly as stated, using the medium flat rate box specified in the auction and I even included extra cardboard lining the priority mail box for protection.  For a collector, I wondered why they hadn’t opted for the insured shipping option.

Recommended Child Safety Seats Redux

Our list of Recommended Carseats evolves over time.  Usually, we make a minor update, fix a link or replace an old model with a newer version and no one notices.  Every once in a while, though, we make a number of changes at once because too many seats have been discontinued, too many models have been released since the last update or just because we want to replace the old with the new.  Our list hadn’t changed since May, but Heather has just finished editing our updated list of models for your perusal.  As before, please remember that these are just our opinions.  We don’t list every seat we like.  We can’t guarantee these models will fit your child or your vehicle.  We can’t say they are the best or the safest for your situation.  We just know from personal experience that all of them offer something, from a rock bottom price to a unique safety feature.  Even Heather, Kecia and I have trouble agreeing on some of these seats, but we are confident that this is a pretty good starting place for anyone’s search for the perfect carseat!