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IMG_0696 (2)Since last week’s Graco buckle recall, one of the big questions parents have been asking is, “How do I know if my child’s seat is part of a recall?”

The answer is: “Register your seat with the manufacturer, so they can contact you!”

Most manufacturers give you three ways to register a seat.

  1. Each seat comes with a postcard that is pre-printed with the seat’s model and serial number. Just fill in your own contact information, and stick it in the mail. The postage is prepaid!
  2. Click your way to the manufacturer’s website. You’ll need to have the model, serial number, and date of manufacture (DOM) handy. That info can be found on the postcard that came with the seat (assuming you haven’t mailed it in or lost it), or on stickers on the seat itself, and you’ll have to be careful to enter the numbers correctly.
  3. Call the toll-free number on the postcard or instruction manual. This option involves talking to a real, live person, after spending the requisite minutes on hold, but if you have any questions about your seat, you can get them answered at the same time. Once again, make sure you have the model, serial number and DOM in front of you before you call.

If you’ve moved since you first registered your seat, your best bet is to call the company to make sure the company still knows how to get ahold of you. 

By the way, this applies to more than just carseats! Almost all baby gear, from high chairs and swings to strollers and cribs, can be registered with the manufacturer, and doing so ensures that if there ever is a recall, you’ll find out about it. So, what are you waiting for? Send in that postcard!

Graco Recall Buckle Identification

The easiest way to know whether a 2009-2013 Graco convertible or combination seat is affected by this recent recall is by buckle identification.

If you own a Graco convertible or combination seat model with either of the recalled buckle styles shown below then your model is almost certainly recalled. If you registered your carseat by either mailing in the registration card or by filling out the online registration form then you should automatically receive your replacement buckles in the mail during the next few weeks. If you didn’t register your carseat or if you’re not sure – submit this form to order replacement buckles from Graco.


Graco Recall Buckle Identification



Graco Buckle Recall: Convertible and Combination Carseats

Graco is recalling buckles on nearly 3.8 million carseats, according to the Associated Press.  CarseatBlog has some coverage on cleaning buckles and ordering replacement buckles as well as instruction videos for parents on how to replace the buckle system if they have experienced difficulty releasing a child.  Graco reports that no injuries have been reported as a result of this issue.   For parents who have difficulty releasing their child from the harness system, we advise that you attempt to clean the buckle and contact Graco for a replacement using the email or telephone contact information below.

According to Graco Baby:

As part of our continuous product testing and improvement process, Graco identified that food and dried liquids can make some harness buckles progressively more difficult to open over time or become stuck in the latched position. Therefore, we have decided to conduct a voluntary recall on the harness buckles used on all toddler convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats manufactured from 2009 to July 2013.

As a solution, Graco offers a new and improved replacement harness buckle to affected consumers at no cost. Graco would like to stress this does not in any way affect the performance of the car seat or the effectiveness of the buckle to restrain the child. We encourage all consumers who are experiencing difficulty with their harness buckles to contact our customer service team at 800-345-4109 or consumerservices@gracobaby.com. All Graco SnugRide infant car seats are excluded from this recall.

For more information on this recall including a list of affected models and photos of the original and new harness buckles, please go to http://www.gracobaby.com/safetyandrecall/pages/safetyandrecallarticle.aspx?recallID=41&page=SafetyAndRecall.

Graco Nautilus with recalled "Signature" buckle   Graco Recalled Harness Buckle

Specific details on the products impacted are as follows:

  • Toddler Convertible Car Seats: Cozy Cline, Comfort Sport, Classic Ride 50, My Ride 65, My Ride 70, My Ride 65 with Safety Surround, Size4Me 70, My Size 70, Head Wise 70, Smart Seat
  • Harnessed Booster Seats: Nautilus 3-in-1, Nautilus Elite and Argos


Combi Recalls Coccoro, Zeus Turn, Zeus 360 Convertible Carseats

Combi has issued recalled on the Coccoro, Zeus Turn and Zeus 360 convertible carseats for failure to meet harness test requirements.

Affected models are:

Combi Coccoro
Model Number: 8220
Manufacture Dates: January 6, 2009-December 5, 2012

Combi Zeus Turn
Model Number: 8815
Manufacture Dates: July 15, 2007-March 25, 2009

Combi Zeus 360
Model Number 8836
Manufacture Dates: February 25, 2009-May 24, 2012

The model number and manufacture date can be found on the bottom of the carseat.

Coccoro DOM label  Zeus DOM label

When the harness webbing is tested independently of the carseat, it does not meet minimum breaking strength because of an embedded plastic button which keeps the buckle tongue from sliding down under the child’s bum. Newer models no longer have the embedded button.

According to Combi, the affected carseats are still safe to use until Combi can send replacement harnesses to registered owners because the carseats do pass motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS 213) as a whole, but according to NHTSA, “In the event of a crash, a child may not be remain adequately secured, increasing the risk of injury.” (sic)  What does CarseatBlog advise? FMVSS 213 requires a minimum strength of 11,000N (roughly 2,473 lbf) before the harness webbing breaks on a carseat. How much force does a 33 lbs. child apply in a 30 mph crash to the webbing (33 lbs. is the uppermost rear-facing weight limit of the Coccoro and both Zeus seats)?  An estimate often used by technicians is child weight (33) times speed (30)  = roughly 990 lbs, which is a far cry from 2,473 lbs force (11,000N). We prefer to do the basic math estimate for you and let you, as the parent, decide whether you want to follow Combi’s advice or NHTSA’s.

For more information on this recall, see Combi’s recall notice for more information and how to register your Combi seat if you haven’t yet.

Orbit Baby Recalls G2 Carseat Bases Made Between March 20, 2013 and July 20, 2013

Orbit Baby G2 BaseOrbit Baby has issued a voluntary recall of the Orbit Baby Car Seat Base G2. This is a voluntary recall and there have been no reports of injuries. Orbit Baby is taking action out of  an abundance of caution and to ensure the highest standards of safety. This recall affects the G2 carseat base only. It does NOT affect Orbit Baby carseats/carriers, strollers, bassinets or rockers. This issue also does not affect the performance of any Orbit Baby car seats if the Car Seat Base G2 is securely installed in accordance with the instruction manual.

Repair kits will be available soon for all G2 base owners with batches affected by this recall. Customers that have registered a product affected by this recall will automatically receive a notice regarding this issue, as well as any safety updates or product notices in the future. Consumers who have not yet registered their product should contact Orbit Baby Customer Service at 1-877-672-2229 or visit www.orbitbaby.com/support/register to register their product.

In some instances, the StrongArm knob on the Car Seat Base may detach or spin without tightening the base, preventing the installation of the Car Seat Base in accordance with the instruction manual. The StrongArm technology is an installation feature that facilitates the “60-second” installation of the Car Seat Base by tightening the Car Seat Base into the vehicle. The Car Seat Bases that are affected by this recall were manufactured from March 2013 to July 2013 with one of the following Batch Numbers: A0840, A0860 or A0880. No other models are affected by this recall and the actual Car Seat itself can continue to be used without the Car Seat Base in accordance with the instruction manual.

Orbit Baby DOM Label

All Orbit Baby car seats and car seat bases have consistently met and exceeded applicable government safety standards.  This issue does not affect the performance of the Infant Car Seat G2 when used without the Car Seat Base G2. This issue also does not affect the performance of the Car Seat Base G2 if it is securely installed in accordance with the instruction manual.


Orbit Baby Strong Arm Knob

You can find the most up-to-date information on the Orbit Baby website here: www.orbitbaby.com/safety-update