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Consumer Reports & Orbit Baby Infant Carseat Crash Test: Cause for Concern or Another CR Blunder?

Orbit Baby Infant CarseatRecently Consumer Reports (CR) has claimed that they’ve identified a possible safety risk in models of the Orbit Baby infant carseat.  Here at CarseatBlog.com we always take news like this very seriously even if we’ve been generally skeptical about previous CR findings and ratings.  CR labeled the Orbit Carseat a “Don’t Buy: Safety Risk” after the infant carrier supposedly detached from its base in two of six CR-commissioned crash tests preformed at an outside laboratory.  So, should we sound the alarm? 

Tires Have Expiration Dates?!

We car seat geeks focus on restraints, but we tend to forget about the true tiresworkhorses of the vehicle: the tires.  While getting the family ride ready to go to the Happiest Place on Earth, dh noticed that the tires were looking a bit worn down along the edges.  I looked at them and yup, all 4 tires were wearing a bit thinner than either of us liked to see on the edges, but the middles still have plenty of tread left in them.  Between the two of us, we couldn’t figure out when or if we had ever replaced the tires; we bought the van new in April 2005, so it’s been 4 years.  That’s a mighty long time to have a first set of tires on a vehicle, but aside from a handful of long trips, I mostly drive it within just a few miles of my home on a daily basis during the school year (in the summers, I’m begging the kids to run errands somewhere, anywhere, just to get out of the house!).  The van still has less than 40K miles on it!


My just-turned-7 yr old is a 1st class nag.  No, no need to wonder where she got that from :/ but nagging is annoying enough that it eventually does make the recipient move into action just to make it stop, right?

She’s been after me for a while now about sitting in her harnessed Britax Frontier.  I like this seat.  The harness adjuster is smooth as butter and I like that she’s still harnessed.  It’s more secure should we get into a crash, especially if it’s one of those nasty side impacts.  Perhaps one of the reasons she’s such a nag at me is because I nag at her to get into her seat and buckle up.  She is so slow.  I’ve accused her of being a snail.  She just laughs.  We were late to school more often than not last year because of the amount of time it took for her to get into the van and get buckled.  And before you nag at me to build more time into my morning schedule ;) , I did.

A Bit about RVs

The dreaded day came.  The day dh said that he wanted to take the kids camping.  This brought dread to me for a couple of reasons: first, I’m not a camper.  I’ve been camping before, even RVing, and yeah, it’s fun for the first day until the mosquitoes start biting and you try to sleep through the cacophony of bugs buzzing and wild animals rooting around your campground.  And let’s not forget the sun rising at 4a.  Second, dh wanted to rend an RV.  Whoa!  Deep breath.  RVs are fun and provide a great home away from home when camping and traveling, but when you’re actually on the road, are they really safe for kids?