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KIM 2010 Updates and News, Part 1

Howdy, all y’all!  Greetings from Dallas/Ft. Worth TX, where I have been attending the 2010 Kidz in Motion Conference, or KIM, an annual gathering focused entirely on Child Passenger Safety (yes, I know some other conferences prefer another acronym; here at KIM, we’re still saying CPS.)  I’m Anne, also known as ketchupqueen on the car-seat.org forums.  Since Darren, Kecia, and Heather were unable to attend KIM this year, I’ve been asked to share the scoop- updates and information from manufacturers we got at this year’s conference.  My friend Christa (celtic1885 on the boards) has been helping me collect, record, and organize the news as we get it so that we can share it all with you!

KIM is a small conference by national conference standards, which means that all the participants and presenters get an opportunity to sit down together, get to know each other, and really talk.  I’ve met up with people I know and people I know of, heroes in the CPS community, CPS “celebrities” and other techs just like me (some of whom were just as star-struck when sitting next to manufacturer representatives at lunch- it’s quite a shock the first time Sarah Tilton of Britax fame brings her plate over next to where you are sitting and asks, “Mind if I sit here?”)

The small, intimate nature also means we got to ply the manufacturers with all the questions we wanted to during floor exhibits and clarify new information.  We have some interesting updates and news, so, without further ado, let’s get to it!

BebePaluzza Britax Advocate 70 CS Video

I’m here today at the BebePaluzza show in Schaumbug/Chicago, Illinois.  Britax and Harmony appear to be the only child safety seat manufacturers represented at the show, but it did offer me a chance to see the new Advocate 70 CS.  On the original Advocate CS, the unique side impact cushions made access to the seatbelt lockoffs and the harness adjuster somewhat difficult.  In the new one, there is no problem as the adjuster and lockoffs have moved to the front of the seat and are permanentley attached with no bungee cords.  Very nice!

I’ll also be uploading some photos  and other comments on this thread at Car-Seat.Org, so stay tuned!

Here’s a video of the Advocate, I hope the audio is OK, I got in just before the crowds but it got pretty loud pretty quickly!

Unboxing – Graco Nautilus Elite (Review Coming Soon!)

The Graco Nautilus is one of the most popular models for our readers, based on referrals from search engine phrases and sales at our affiliate websites.  While we never had a formal review of the original, it is one of our recommended models.  Soon, we will be reviewing the updated Nautilus Elite model (currently exclusive to Toys R Us) we saw last fall at the ABC Kids Expo.  Here’s a sneak peek-

The *NEW* Britax Carseat Line

Marathon 70

When was the last time a carseat manufacturer redid their entire convertible line at once?  I don’t think it’s happened without a major internal manufacturer upheaval/company sale.  Britax has quietly redesigned their entire convertible line from the Roundabout to the Advocate and they’ve kept the same names to keep it easier for consumers to remember :} .  Here’s the press release and a video showing one of the cool new features called SafeCell™.