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Recaro and Chevrolet Unboxing Madness!

Normally, “unboxing” videos make great filler for slow weeks at the blog.  They also serve to let you know what’s coming up for future reviews.  In this case, we have a couple products from companies that we have not reviewed in the past!

We are glad to welcome Recaro and their combination ProSport model, along with Chevrolet with their safe and fuel-sipping Chevy Cruze Eco.

Santa Came Late This Year!


You can find more information on the Graco Smartseat in my Preview.  I will post some photos and comments within a week or so and expect a full review sometime later this month!

Britax Advocate 70 CS Unboxing

Since I know you like Matt, here he is as the cameraman in the unboxing of the Advocate 70 CS.  Of course, the review is forthcoming–I can’t leave you hanging for very long!  In the meantime, enjoy!

An Unboxing Video and Our First ABC Bag ‘O Stuff Giveaway

We told you about the Britax Parkway SGL in our ABC Kids Expo coverage.  We’ll be having a full review before it hits the shelves around the end of this month.  In that it is pretty similar to the original Parkway SG, it should be a pretty easy one to write!   The main differences are the new ISOFLEX LATCH attachments, a revised armrest design and a single strap design for the Secure Guard feature.  We had a nice demonstration video in our ABC Blog, but I wanted to give my new Nokia N8 a try to see how the video quality looks (crank it up to 720P HD if you like)!  I watched so many lame unboxing blog videos before I bought my cellphone, it renewed my energy to create lame unboxing videos for car seats!

Speaking of the ABC Kids Expo, we haven’t forgotten about our traditional giveaways of all the assorted promotional items we collected!  We make no guarantees on what you will get, other than you will get a tote bag with at least one baby related item inside.