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Peg Perego retracts stated 35″ rear-facing height limit on Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible


We received the following email from Peg Perego yesterday. We were hoping for some clarification before we posted but the day came and went without a response so we’re putting the info out there and we’ll update as soon as we have anything more to share on the subject.  

We would like to inform you that after further evaluation and testing, we have determined the 35 inch height limitation to be no longer necessary for the Primo Viaggio SIP 5-70 Convertible in rear facing mode. The following guidelines should be used for rear facing mode:
1)      Use rear facing with children who weigh between 5 and 45 pounds
2)      Use rear facing if head is at least one inch below headrest edge
3)      Use rear facing when the shoulder straps are located at or below shoulder level


If you saw our extensive preview of the Primo Viaggio Convertible from the ABC Expo, you know that we were impressed by the quality and features of this new seat but were very disappointed with the 35″ stated height limit which was clearly printed on the sticker label and in the manual.  We did provide specific feedback on the product at the Expo and we’re thrilled that they listened and made some changes before the seat went to final production!  

However, it’s still unclear as to what the maximum height headrest position is going to be in rear-facing mode – which is ultimately going to determine how long this seat will last kids before they outgrow it by height using the 1″ rule.  The headrest, which extends considerably beyond the shell on its tallest setting (see pics in ABC blog), did not seem to be substantially reinforced which makes me question how far above the shell they’re going to be willing to allow.  Fingers crossed that it’s a reasonable height setting that will make this a competitive model in the current convertible market.   I just don’t want anyone to get their hopes up that this is going to be great extended rear-facing seat until we get clarification from Peg on the max height setting. 

Stay tuned – we promise to update when we have more info!

The Safest Way to Boost ‘Em? Newest IIHS Ratings for Booster Seat Safety!


You will see it all over the news today and tomorrow.  It will be on national morning shows, local news broadcasts, in newspapers and online.  There will be a lot of good information, but there will also be the usual misinformation.  Is your child safe just because you bought a 2011 IIHS “Best Bet” booster?  Should you panic if you have one that is “Not Recommended”?  Does that mean it is dangerous or unsafe?  Of course, you came to CarseatBlog for the in-depth, expert analysis, right?  As always, we have some answers and commentary, too. :-)

Before we get to the ratings, consider that most safety advocates suggest that kids be at least 4 years old before moving from a 5-point harness to a booster.  Even at age 4 or 5, some kids will not be mature enough to remain seated properly in a booster.  Squirming, slouching, continually leaning out of position or putting the shoulder belt behind their back or arm are all indicators that they may not be ready to handle the freedom of a booster seat.  Thankfully, there are many 5-point harnessed seats on the market which are rated to 65 lbs or more and can accommodate bigger kids who still lack the maturity needed to be adequately protected in a booster seat.

The Amercian Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following:

  • All infants and toddlersshould ride in a rear-facing car safetyseat (CSS) until theyare 2 years of age or until they reachthe highest weight orheight allowed by the manufacturer oftheir CSS.
  • All children2 years or older, or those younger than 2 yearswho have outgrownthe rear-facing weight or height limit fortheir CSS, shoulduse a forward-facing CSS with a harness foras long as possible,up to the highest weight or height allowedby the manufacturerof their CSS.
  • All children whose weight or height is abovethe forward-facinglimit for their CSS should use a belt-positioningbooster seatuntil the vehicle lap-and-shoulder seat belt fitsproperly,typically when they have reached 4 feet 9 inches inheight andare between 8 and 12 years of age.
  • When childrenare old enough and large enough to use the vehicleseat beltalone, they should always use lap-and-shoulder seatbelts foroptimal protection.
  • All children younger than 13 years shouldbe restrained in therear seats of vehicles for optimal protection.

Boosters are recommended until at least age 8, though most kids will need to use one until they are 4’9″ tall (57″) and can pass the 5-step Test in each vehicle where they ride.  I have three kids, including a 13-year old and an 11-year old who are tall enough to be out of a booster in most vehicles, but somehow still squirm out of their shoulder belt frequently, usually in order to poke or kick each other!   They ride in a seatbelt, but for younger kids, a forward-facing carseat with a 5-point harness remains the safest choice until a child can sit correctly in a booster for the duration of a trip.  For example, my 6-year old rides in a 5-point harness or a booster, depending on the vehicle and what I have installed at the moment.  Here is a video of him in a few “Best Bet” boosters: a BubbleBum, a Clek Oobr and a Britax Frontier 85 SICT.

Finally, many parents want to know if a backless booster is really safe.  Other parents want to know if it is really necessary to spend the extra money on a high-back booster. 

More info on Dorel’s new rear-facing recline range for convertibles


We broke the news on facebook & twitter this past Monday that Dorel has new labels for their convertible seats which will allow children who weigh more than 22 lbs and who can also sit upright unassissted to be more upright in the rear-facing position. The new labels have two “level to ground” lines and the bigger RF kids can be anywhere in between the two lines which are set at 45 degrees and 30 degrees (measured from vertical).   The new labels will start to showing up on Dorel convertible seats by next month so keep your eyes peeled for them!

We asked Dorel for clarification regarding which convertibles would and would not get the new sticker labels. This is the response we received:


By April of 2012, our goal is to have the new double level line on all of our convertible seats.  Most of the seats will be changed over before the end of the year, including the Alpha Elite 65 and Complete Air 65.  The only convertible that will not get the double line is the Maxi Cosi Pria 70.  Since that particular seat uses the Tiny Fit System and already provides an upright position of the main seat, it will not get the new double line treatment. 

We already knew that the new Cosco Apt (Scenera with intergrated cup holders – see Dorel ABC blog for pics) was going to have the dual level lines.  And apparently the Scenera will too – at least eventually.  Oh, happy day!  :)

ABC Show: How We Spent Our Friday


News from ABC! Because my technology is failing me, the accompanying photos for this blog will be posted on our FB page.


New fashions! Pretty and soft.

The First Years

Their new combo seat, the B830, is not expected out until the middle of next year.

The new Via 35 (or just plain Via) is out now.

To quash the rumors, the True Fit has not been tested to 40 lbs and there’s no plan on further testing.


The new Radians are very similar to the old Radians; however, the inside dimensions are about 2″ wider than the old seats and LATCH is recommended for use in booster mode (yay!). For a rf child, the height limit is 1.5″ from the top of the seat or 44″ overall height (but focus on the 1.5″!).


Chicco has a new Liteway stroller out around 3rd qtr of 2012 that converts to accept the KeyFit without an adapter bar. Nice!


Graco has some new offerings, some based on old platforms, some brand new.

The My Ride 65 featuring Safety Surround Side Impact Protection is a My Ride with their new Safety Surround Side Impact Protection in the head restraint in the seat. It attaches through the harness slots when the child is short and as the child is taller, the Safety Surround is built into the sides. It’s basically the My Ride weight limits EXCEPT that it starts at 4 lbs! So 4-40 lbs rf, 20-65 lbs ff. The Safety Surround Side Impact Protection is tested to Euro side impact standards and isdue out at Babies R Us in November of this year. Price point is $179.
The Turbo High Back is also redesigned with Safety Surround. It’s much more squarish in shape and offers more head protection in addition to more torso protection, and its tested to the Euro standard like the My Ride. $69 price point.
The Classic Ride 50 is–you guessed–the classic ComfortSport shell with a 4-40 lbs rf weight limit and 20-50 lbs ff. They were able to get down to 4 lbs with added infant padding. The ComfortSport will still be sold.
*New* is the My Size 65 convertible. 4-40 lbs rf, 20-65 lbs ff with an adjustable 8 position no-rethread harness. Crotch strap slots are at (approx since it’s still a prototype) 5.5″ and 7″. Top harness height is around 18-18.5″. Just like the My Ride, there’s a separate LATCH strap for each belt path. Price point is $179 and production begins in February.
The Argos and Argos Elite are upgrades to the Nautilus platform.  Argos 70 has no rethread harness,  70 lbs upper weight limit for the harness and 120 lbs for the no back booster. The Elite version has belt lock-offs and width adjustable head support.

And, as reported on our FB page, the SnugRide 35 has a new lower weight limit of 4 lbs accomplished by a nice infant insert with padding between the crotch and the buckle.

Canadian news on the My Ride: they’re in the final stages of testing. Soon!


Amp fashions are updated and cool. Lots of color!

*New* is the Securekid 300/400. It’s based on the Maestro shell with a movable headrest. Top slots are about 18-18.5″. The 300 is the basic seat and the 400 has E3 technology and SureLATCH on it. The 300 does have push-on LATCH connectors. Price point is $129 for the 300 and $149 for the 400. They’re starting production and are hoping to ship in December (who’s going to ask for one for Christmas? 😉 ). Sorry, Canadians, this one isn’t going to Canada as of right now.

There are new fashions on the Titan, Tribute, and Triumph.

Discovery infant seat: no changes. This is the one with the Z handle.

Embrace: now 4-35 lbs and is currently shipping. This is the one with the curvy handle.

Secure Ride: 4-35 lbs with the infinite slide harness, SureLATCH connectors, and E3 tech. Price point is $179 and should start shipping in December. This is the one with the straight handle.

So, there you go. That was our Friday.