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Baby on Board

Please welcome back Heather’s dh, Matt, for Guest Wednesday.

Knowing nothing about the technical aspects of car seats makes it difficult to write a blog entry about the technical aspects of car seats.  So, in thinking about a topic for another entry, I came across an obvious choice.  Cows.  But then something happened that gave me a better idea.  The cow thing will just have to wait.

Acronyms Strike Again

Again we welcome Heather’s dh, Matt, for Guest Wednesday.

As a non-tech person, I am generally confused by the various terminology used on a regular basis by those who are tech people.  But I am trying to learn.  One of these terms is LATCH, which must be really important because it’s in all caps.  I understand the importance of words in all caps. Like me sitting on the couch on the weekend and watching the NFL or the NBA or why don’t the kids go play in the STREET but watch out for CARS and while you’re at it go get the MAIL.

What It’s Like to be Married to a CPST

Today is Guest Wednesday. Our first guest writer is Heather’s dh, Matt.

Me: Hello. My name is Matt. I am the husband of a Child Passenger Safety Technician.

Group: Hello, Matt.