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Alabama and Orbits and Clothes

Matt’s back.  For your enjoyment 😉 .

Heather sends me this link to a story out of Alabama. Alabama mug shot Here is the link:


Go ahead.  Click on the link and read the story.  I’ll wait.


MattOur guest blogger, Matt, makes another appearance.

So Heather and I were in Costco the other day.  We love Costco.  Costco provides a good, real-world example of orders of magnitude.  You go there with a list, and the number of items that you leave with can often be expressed as follows (where X= the number of items on your list):













Guest Review: Garmin nuvi 750 GPS

Look out, folks.  Matt’s back after a long hiatus with a guest review this time.

So my wife told me that I have to write a review of the GPS thing I got for Christmas.  She has been telling me for a couple of months now to write the review, I think since after the day she gave it to me.  I frankly think she only got it so I’d write a review of it.  I’m not really sure how to write a review, so I read the first paragraph of a review by that guy who thinks he’s a fish.  I didn’t have the attention span to read the whole thing, and the guy does think he’s a fish, so maybe this will be way off base.  But here it goes.

Finally! Indubitably the Last ABC Show Blog You’ll See This Year

For Guest Wednesday, our pal Matt is back after months of gentle prodding from his dw Heather.

A True Athlete in My Presence

Since you’ve been introduced to Matt, I thought I’d share something he did two weeks ago that I think is really cool.  No, it’s not car seat related—though if he was able to uninstall the Sunshine Kids Monterey from his SUV without calling me first or install the Britax Frontier using the long belt path, well, that’d be pretty spectacular.  He made two separate bike rides of 103 miles on October 18th and 119 miles on the 25th.