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Ask Marvin #12: Who needs Detroit?

“Hi Marvin.  I saw your trillion dollar plan a while back.  I noticed even Marvin planned to give money to automakers and that was before they were on their knees begging for it!  Now, they are all in big trouble and the government has to have a big debate about giving them a dime.  Meanwhile, financial institutions get billions without even a hint of disagreement.  Citibank>>General Motors?  What gives?  – Signed, Mad in Michigan”

Marvin’s Giveaway Corner: Sponsored by Kids-N-Cribs.Com

Today Marvin has a new sponsor!  It’s www.kids-n-cribs.com.  Some of you may know Bryan (bfmarini) from our forums at Car-Seat.Org.  He is generously allowing today’s winner to choose one item from the following:

Marvin’s Giveaway Corner

Marvin is on hiatus from “Ask Marvin”, at least until inspiration strikes.  Please feel free to send your ideas or questions to marvin “at” carseatblog “dot” com or send him a PM!  Until then, Marvin hopes to continue with some free giveaways.

Ask Marvin: Marathon Misprice Madness & Giveaway

Marvin missed you all on Monday.  So, today, Marvin answers one of hundreds of questions pouring in about Target’s recent fiasco with mispriced Marathons.

“Hi Marv.  Did you get one of those $42 Britax Marathons?  Please tell us you did and will be giving some away in a contest!  Can you believe Target cancelled my order? I am so p1$&3D! – Signed, Peeved Pamela”

Ask Marvin #11: Contests, Freebies and Sponsors

Today, Marvin is accused of being a cheapskate.

Dear Marvin.  I’ll get straight to the point.  Your giveaways have not included a single carseat.  Kind of odd for a place called CARSEATblog, isn’t it?  In fact, not a single giveaway above like 30 or 40 bucks at most.  What gives?  I mean, you’ve been at it for a few months now.  You must be rolling in cash from advertisements.  You’ve been begging for big time sponsors and giveaways to the point of being pathetic.  It’s really sad.  I mean, Kecia and Heather are such great writers, but they can pull Darren’s and your weight for only so long.  Carseatblog is good, but it would be a lot better with some BIGTIME giveaways.  Seriously, I see all these other general parenting websites giving away carseats and strollers.  Some are blogs that aren’t even dedicated to these products and don’t get a fraction of the readers that Car-Seat.Org does.  Step up to the plate and SHOW US THE CARSEATS! – Signed, Desperate Dahlia.”