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Happy Father’s Day!


Best Dad RibbonOn behalf of CarseatBlog, Heather, Jennie & I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to Darren and to all the awesome dads out there! Extra bonus points are awarded to all stay-at-home dads, dads who know how to use a cloth diaper correctly, dads who allow pink/purple/flowery or “mooing” carseats in their vehicle, dads who actually hear the baby in the middle of the night AND get up to help, dads of teenagers, dads of teenagers who are driving and want to borrow YOUR car every 5 minutes, and dads with spouses who spend countless hours on the forums. We salute you all!

We especially want to pay tribute to our fearless leader, Darren Qunell. Without his passion and visionary leadership, there would be no community or We’re thankful that he was confident enough to ignore the naysayers back in 2001 who told him that creating a forum dedicated specifically to Child Passenger Safety was a waste of time. 12 years later is thriving and our dedicated community of advocates are helping to educate parents and caregivers across the globe in a friendly and welcoming environment! 🙂


Happy Mother’s Day Weekend from CarseatBlog!


Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the wonderful Moms out there who are passionate about all kinds of important things – not just child passenger safety! My youngest son made this for me two years ago when he was in 1st grade. It always makes me smile when I look at it – I probably should frame it and hang it on the wall. Today I share it with all of you because we need each other – to learn from, to grow with and to help enable our next carseat or booster purchase! Lol.

Best Mother's Day Sentiment

Stay tuned to the blog because we’ll be posting a Mother’s Day giveaway in the next few hours!

Happy Holidays from CarseatBlog!


I’ve got three kids spoiled from Hanukkah gifts and who are about to be over-spoiled from Christmas gifts as well.  Plus, we’re taking a short vacation and having lots of family and friends visit as well.  I know Heather, Kecia, Jennie and Alicia all have holiday plans, too.  So, we’re taking a couple weeks off and will return to blogging (and dieting?) the week of January 7th.  At least one of us will be checking in to announce contest winners and also to start our new promotion each Monday.  Stay tuned for some great giveaways and please tell your friends about CarseatBlog.  We hope to see you back with us in January 🙂

Merry Christmas and have a Safe & Happy New Year in 2013 from CarseatBlog!

Happy 2012 From CarseatBlog!


CarseatBlog is undergoing some maintenance, but if you can see this message, you’ve found us on our new server.  We’ll be back to normal next week!  Please have a safe, happy and healthy new year from Heather, Jennie, Kecia and Darren.