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ABC Kids Expo 2012: What’s New from Kiddy, UPPAbaby, Kids Fly Safe (CARES), Ride Safer Travel Vest & Orbit Baby!

Whew! That’s quite a mouthful. But I’m desperately trying to get all our ABC Expo updates finished!

Truth be told, every CR manufacturer has stepped up their game BIG TIME in recent years and that makes me happier than a slinky on an escalator! ;)  Seriously – you have no idea how lame it was to be a carseat geek 15 years ago. Well, maybe you do – in which case, join me in celebration!



New fashions for Kiddy World Plus & Cruiserfix Pro



After having a few too many at the Diono booth earlier in the day, Baby Jack decided to volunteer for some OOP (Out of Position) testing with the Kiddy World Plus.  The resulting photo shoot was hysterical but I’m afraid to post the pics because I’ll probably offend the doll safety advocates (who no doubt hate me already for contributing to the delinquency of a baby doll).  ;)


Anyhow…. moving right along….

ABC Kids Expo 2012: What’s New from Clek, The First Years, Baby Trend & Nuna!

Yup, it’s officially the holiday season but we’re still cranking out updates from the ABC Show!  My goal is to be done before next year’s show!  Lol.

Seriously, the ABC Expo is soooo overwhelming but Darren, Heather and I try to document every detail that we think will be of interest to our loyal and information-obsessed readers.





Foonf Convertible

  • Rf belt path changed from original prototype design
  • Lock offs changed
  • Hip straps come from back of seat instead of bottom
  • Double loop harness (to adjust harness length via splitter plate )
  • Crotch strap position moved back to avoid belt intereference with RF installation
  • Slots on prototype used to be angled, are now straight
  • No price yet on replacement covers
  • Top tether use mandatory ff

Stroller Update from the ABC Show 2012

I missed being a stroller gearhead when my kiddos were young enough to use one; guess I could use a stroller for my dog, but, uh, she’s a dog and I won’t embarrass her by doing that. So as we were at the various booths checking out carseats, I asked about strollers if they were there and I also hit some stroller booths on my half-day “off” when we didn’t have appointments. Hopefully you’ll find some new fashions to tide you over!


Baby Jogger

All strollers but the POD accept the car seat adaptor, which is designed to fit Chicco, Cybex, Evenflo, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, and Peg Perego infant seats. I was told that the Shadow Black color is being phased out.

City Mini
Colors: black/gray, crimson/gray, blue/gray, sand/stone, green/gray, purple/gray

City Mini GT
Available at independent retailers
Colors: black/black, shadow/green, shadow/orange, shadow/bamboo, shadow/crimson

City Elite
Colors: black, red, sand

City Versa
Colors: black, green, silver, blue, red

City Select
Colors: ruby, onyx, quartz, amethyst


Summit X3
Front wheel lock is on handle
Colors: green/gray, black/gray, orange/gray

Front wheel lock on handle

Colors: slate/black

Colors: orange/gray, crimson/gray

ABC Kids Expo 2012: What’s New from Britax, Cybex & Evenflo


Not much that was new or news (that we were allowed to preview)

  • New BOB branded B-Safe infant seat
  • A couple of new fashions




Current Aton fashions


Aton2 available [hopefully] by 2nd qtr 2013! Woot!

  • JPMA innovation award winner
  • Height-adjustable load leg; increases stability and improves crash protection
  • L.S.P. System (Linear side-impact Protection)
  • Will be in addition to regular Aton, not a replacement
  • Aton $249, Aton2 $299
  • 2013 colors Heavenly Blue, Violet Spring, Classic Black, Red Poppy and others