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Evenflo Momentum Convertible Carseat Review – Lookin’ Good!

Evenflo Momentum DLX - LilacThe Evenflo Momentum convertible is back on the market after taking a break to get a fashion makeover. I’m pleased that this seat is available once again because I was always a fan of its features. Now, thanks to a team of talented Evenflo fashionistas, the Momentum looks as good as it performs! This seat offers the perfect blend of features from the popular Evenflo Symphony 3-in-1 and Evenflo Triumph convertible. It’s also one of the easiest carseats to use properly for younger kids of different ages and sizes which makes it a great choice for grandparents, babysitters and anyone else who needs one carseat that can be easily adjusted to fit babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Momentum Specs & Features:

  • Rear-Facing 5-40 lbs.; 19- 37” tall and top of head is at least 1″ below top of carseat
  • Forward-Facing 22-65 lbs.; 28-50” tall and at least 1 year old (AAP recommends rear-facing until at least age 2)
  •  “Infinite Slide” harness system easily adjusts to the perfect height for your child
  • SureLATCH Connectors
  • 3 recline positions (1 position for RF, 2 for FF)
  • “e3″ Side-Impact Protection – thick, energy-absorbing EPP foam lines the deep headwings
  • 2-piece infant insert
  • Buckle pockets
  • FAA approved for use on airplane
  • Made in USA!

Momentum Measurements:

  • Lowest harness height: (with insert) 7″
  • Highest harness height: 16″
  • Single crotch strap/buckle position: 6.5″
  • Overall internal height: 25″
  • External width at widest point: 20.5″
  • Width of base: 11.5″ across the back
  • Weight: 19.4 lbs. (according to my digital bathroom scale)

Evenflo Momentum - naked Evenflo Momentum - naked Evenflo Momentum - back

Installation Comments:

Chicco KidFit Booster Review – The Trifecta is Complete!

Chicco KidFit-paprikaThe Chicco trifecta is now complete with the addition of the KidFit booster! We have always loved the KeyFit infant seat, we adore the NextFit convertible and now we have the KidFit booster to complete the series.

The Chicco KidFit Booster is a dual mode product which means that it can be used as a highback booster until the back portion is outgrown and then you can continue to use the bottom portion as a backless booster until your child can pass the 5-Step Test and safely transition to using the adult seatbelt. Currently the Chicco KidFit booster is available exclusively at Target.

KidFit Specs & Features

  • Highback: 30-100 lbs.; 38-57” tall; at least 4 years old and can sit relatively still and properly in a seatbelt at all times
  • Backless: 40-110 lbs. and all other requirements listed for highback mode
  • 10 height positions
  • Lower LATCH anchor attachments
  • 2-position backrest to match vehicle seat position/contour
  • Headrest fully lined with thick EPS foam
  • Dual cupholders made of flexible rubber material
  • Unique shoulder belt guide design
  • 8 year lifespan before expiration

Chicco KidFit Booster - lowest height Chicco KidFit Booster - tallest height Chicco KidFit Booster - side Chicco KidFit Booster - back Chicco KidFit Booster - naked Chicco KidFit Booster - thick EPS foam

Lower LATCH anchor connectors – premium push-on LATCH connectors attach quickly and easily and you tighten both sides of the strap simultaneously by pulling on the central adjuster strap at the front of the base. They refer to this feature as “SuperCinch” but it does NOT have the force-multiplying system found on the NextFit convertible. In this case “SuperCinch” is purely a marketing term being used to describe Chicco’s patented center-pull LATCH adjustment.

Using the lower LATCH connectors is optional. If you’re not LATCHing the KidFit, pull the strap to retract the connectors as much as possible so they don’t get in the way.

Chicco KidFit Booster - lower anchor connectors

Phil&teds Alpha Infant Carseat Review: Kia Ora!

philandteds Alpha

Phil&teds Alpha Rear-Facing Only Infant Seat Review

Phil&teds, a fun company from New Zealand, enters the child restraint market with the Alpha rear-facing only infant seat as a complement to their stroller line. By bringing in the Alpha, they have a competitive rear-facing only carseat that has features parents want for ease-of-use and comfort for their child.


Weight and Height Limits:

  • Rear-facing 4-35 lbs. AND 32” AND child’s head is 1” below top of head rest

Alpha Overview:

  • Fantastically thick EPS foam lining the seat
  • Removable newborn liner with extra newborn supports
  • Preemie insert
  • 2 crotch strap/buckle positions (before 15 lbs./after 15 lbs.)
  • 2 recline angles on base: one for 4-20 lbs., one for 20-35 lbs.
  • Carrier can be installed Euro-style without base
  • Clip-on style lower LATCH connectors
  • Built-in lockoff
  • Currently available in only one fashion: black/charcoal with red newborn liner (its sister seat, the Mountain Buggy protect, is available in black/stone for another option)
  • FAA approved for use on aircraft
  • 6 yr lifespan before seat expires

Alpha without cover

Alpha Measurements

Harness slots: 6”, 7 ¾”, 9 ½”, 11 ¼”
External widest point: 16 ¾”
Width of base at belt path: 13 ½”
Width of base at widest point: 14 ¼”
Internal shell height: 20”
Crotch strap depth: 4”, 6”
Seat depth: 12”
Carrier weight: 8 lbs.

Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Review – Safety, Comfort & Style

Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 - Devoted Black frontMaxi-Cosi is Europe’s most popular brand of premium carseats. Even though the Maxi-Cosi carseats sold here in the U.S. are not the same seats that are sold in Europe (due to different standards and regulations), American parents are embracing the brand and everything that it stands for – safety, comfort and style.

Let’s clarify that there are three different models of the Maxi-Cosi Pria convertible that are currently available. Four, if you count the less expensive Maxi-Cosi Vello 65 model which is similar but lacks some of the features found on the various Pria models.

Maxi-Cosi Pria collage


Differences between Pria 70 & Pria 85 models: Both models have no re-thread harness; deep head wings with Air Protect technology for enhanced side-impact protection; push-on LATCH connectors; 3 position base and integrated cup holder. Pria 70 and Pria 85 models share the same shell but have different minimum and maximum weight limits. Both seats have Air Protect cushions on the headwings but the shape of those cushions are different. Pria 85 model offers harness holders, a cover that is easier to remove and both machine washable and dryer safe.

Pictured below Pria 70 (left) & Pria 85 (right)

Pria 70 (Blue) ; Pria 85 (Pink) Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 and Pria 80 - naked

Pria 85 Specs:

  • Rear-facing: 5-40 lbs., 40″ or less, top of child’s head must be below top of the headrest
  • Forward-facing:  22-85 lbs., at least 1 year old, up to 52″ tall

Pria 85 Features:

  • No-rethread harness with 9 height positions
  • Air Protect® technology for enhanced side-impact protection
  • 3-position base
  • Premium push-on LATCH connectors
  • Harness holder clips (hold harness out of the way while loading and unloading)
  • Easy to remove cover is both machine washable & dryer safe
  • Premium fabrics
  • Separate harness strap covers for kids over 65 lbs. (only required if seat is NOT tethered)
  • Integrated cup holder
  • FAA approved for use in aircraft
  • 10 year lifespan before expiration

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Seat Review: Easy Install with Safety You Can See

Britax B-Safe 35 Rear-Facing Only Infant Seat Review

Britax B-Safe 35 - red centerBritax has taken its popular B-SAFE and updated it to be modern, sleek, and able to handle bigger children. The new B-Safe 35 has a new deeper shell that’s designed to keep your child safe from flying debris and give more legroom with a base that is easier to adjust and install. Britax has brought their signature SafeCell Impact Protection to the base so the smallest of riders can benefit from this technology. These safety items, plus other creature comforts, make for a feature-laden rear-facing only carseat.

Weight and Height Limits:

  • Rear-facing 4-35 lbs., AND 32” tall or less, AND child’s head is 1” below top of head rest

B-Safe 35 Overview (New features are marked in bold):

  • Complete Side Impact Protection – deep protective shell is designed to absorb crash forces
  • SafeCell impact-absorbing steel frame base – these red cells compress in a crash to absorb crash energy
  • Removable head pillow
  • 2 crotch strap/buckle positions (before 11 lbs./after 11 lbs.)
  • Ergonomic handle to make carrying comfortable
  • Deep seat pan
  • Deluxe push-on style lower LATCH connectors
  • Built-in slide lockoffs for installation with seatbelt
  • Dual recline angle indicators
  • Extra-large canopy
  • Smooth bottom base
  • FAA-approved for use on aircraft
  • 6 yr lifespan before seat expires
  • Made in the USA!

B-Safe 35 black B-Safe 35 red B-Safe 35 sandstone

B-Safe 35 Measurements